Mulch – Delivered And Installed

Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices a homeowner can use for better tree and shrub health. Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions.

Having mulch delivered and installed is a great way to prevent weeds and protect established plants. Adding from a choice of colors to contrast the green of the lawn. However, from the plant’s perspective, the decomposition activity occurring underground is far more important. It affords the plant the best possible access to nutrients, air space, and water in otherwise limiting soils. Reapplication of mulch will produce a substantially healthier, more productive plant in your landscape. Mulch increases water retention in the summer while keeping plants warmer in the fall.

Garden Bed Mulch Delivered And Installed

Garden Bed that had mulch delivered and installed by Falling Branch Lawncare

Refreshing The Garden Bed Edges

Having the mulch delivered and installed is only half of what makes a garden look well kept. Addressing the garden bed edge and keeping it crisp and sharp makes all the difference.  Before we install any mulch each garden or flower bed gets reshaped.

Pre-emergent Application – Great With Mulch Installed In Spring

If applied at the correct time in the spring, pre-emergent applications can prevent weeds from germinating for up to 6 months. Because of its nature, pre-emergent doesn’t harm any established plants making it perfect to keep weeds from sprouting in a mulch bed surrounded by ornamental shrubs or perennials.

Fewer Things To Worry About

Letting us keep track of your mowing and landscaping allows you to worry less about yard work, scheduling, and making sure your house looks great. We’re not perfect, but we work hard every day for you! Let us earn your trust. Schedule a free lawn care estimate today!

Lawn Care & Landscaping Service Areas Within Rockland County

Falling Branch Lawncare & Landscaping services neighborhoods in these Rockland County towns.  We want to thank all of the local companies here in Rockland County that work with us!