Do You Have A Lawn Care Or Landscaping Project We Can Help With?

Calming Sea Of Green

Your lawn is often the first thing someone will notice about your home. Keeping your lawn healthy and green shouldn’t take up all of your weekend time off. Partnering with us to take care of your property takes the worry out of who, and when someone will arrive on your property. Saving you time with our professional lawn care services.

We provide weekly and bi-weekly lawn care maintenance from March until November. Each lawn care service visit includes having your grass mowed, edged with a metal edger, trimmed, all surfaces blown off. A visual lawn health checkup is also performed.  Keeping your lawn care on a routine schedule helps keep the grass healthy. Besides, by ensuring there is no confusion on if someone is going to show up you can live without worrying about your lawn. If we notice empty trash cans or recycling at the curb we will bring it up.  If we find anything broken or out of place on your property we will let you know.

Want to know more about our lawn care service? We have a page explaining our Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care Service.

Falling Branch Lawn Care Services turned this backyard into an oasis

Our Lawn Care Services

By partnering with each client, we determine what course of action is best required. Some lawns require demanding lawn care, while others naturally stay healthier. This has a lot to do with the soil health and condition of all of the microorganisms living in the soil.

Our landscapers will know what to do. Healthy soil equals a healthy lawn.

Thinking about taking steps to improve your lawn’s soil health? Let us help! By working with the Cornell University Extension Office we have access to test soil for lawns, sod, or garden plantings. The turn-around time on a sample is about two weeks.

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Each lawn care plan is personally managed.  Becoming familiar with your landscape allows us to make custom tailored suggestions and solutions to any lawn care issues that may come up.  We are here to work for you! If any questions arise, or if you are deciding between two courses of action for your home, lean on our landscaping expertise! We provide a range of lawn care services allowing you to choose what suits your home.

Having a direct line of communication with your landscaper who is personally familiar with your property gives you access to a wealth of knowledge regarding your lawn or landscape.  Any questions or concerns that you may have can be directly addressed with our staff to be taken care of in a timely manner. Having great communication with our clients and loving what we do we aim to alleviate any concerns. Our lawn care services are here to help you save time. Not only on working outside, on communication, and decision making.

Make Your Landscape Pop

Using mulch, or a mulch substitute is a great way to add some contrasting color to your yard to make your lawn and garden pop!  Not only is it a great way to add some color and prevent weeds. Mulch helps retain moisture for the plants that are mulched saving water and keeping them healthy.  Especially ornamental trees shrubs and trees.

Mulch is a versatile and cost effective solution for quite a few applications.  Adding other amendments to simply mulching can bring a garden or landscape to life!  Natural fertilization, soil conditioners, weed prevention, and water retention all increase by using mulch with other landscaping techniques.

Fall Leaves - Fall Landscape in Rockland County

Adding landscape fabric or pre-emergent while having mulch installed reduces the amount of weeds that grow to almost nothing.  Landscape fabric helps keep anything from growing up through the mulch. On the other hand, pre-emergent is an application that prevents new seed germination. New, unwanted weeds in the mulched area growing from seed that season will not begin. Pre-emergent applied the appropriate season earns the best results.  We suggest only using landscape fabric under stone or rubber mulch. If you or our landscapers want to go back and do an additional planting, the fabric is an obstacle to our plants just like it is against weeds.

A Combined Effort

A combined effort from a pre-emergent application and 2-3 inches of mulch is one of the best, most natural ways to prevent weeds without hurting any plants that are already growing in your garden.  Weed growth cannot be stopped completely, or indefinitely. Combating weeds is an ongoing task. Having the right tools and techniques help reduce the amount of time and labor involved in preventing or removing weeds, but nature doesn’t stop, which is where our lawn care services help by staying on top of any issues before they become more costly or problematic.

Lawn care services & landscaping success in Stony Point New York

Thinking about having your current garden beds freshened up?  We deliver and install the mulch as well as cut a new edge on each garden bed. Doing this leaves them looking sharp and crisp.  Adding contrast color with mulch makes all of the green plants look greener, and color flowers look more vibrant. It helps everything pop!

Colored mulch is a great product.  Because of how it is dyed however the color does not stay true forever.  Black and red mulch begins to fade in color after about a year, which is the perfect time to freshen up a mulch bed.  Throughout the time that the mulch is in the garden, it slowly breaks down. By doing this, it creates a very small amount of nutrients for the soil. It also helps keep our county clean!

Keep Your Plants Looking Their Best

One of the best ways to keep a hedge or shrub healthy is to keep it trimmed.  Depending on your level of concern and the species of the plant, shrubs can be manicured three to four times a growing season, trimming once at the minimum.

Keeping a plant trimmed helps promote its health in many ways.  It ensures the plant focuses its growth in the proper area, it allows for sunlight and air to reach foliage, and eliminates any dead growth that may sap energy from the plant.