Hedge Trimming In Rockland County

A crucial part of the American dream is having a neatly manicured lawn and professionally trimmed greenery outside your home. Hedge trimming doesn’t have to be difficult. If some basic horticulture principles are followed your hedges will look great and stay healthy year long! Just like anything in nature however, some diseases and pests are unavoidable. Trimming and maintaining your hedges keeps your investment safe, and your shrubs & hedges at peak health.

Other than keeping your hedges looking presentable and healthy, hedge trimming helps the plant in a lot of ways. Allowing air to flow freely, allowing more evenly spread light into the canopy or forcing growth to a more beneficial place. All of these techniques help prevent mold, and increase growth. Hedge trimming in Rockland County can help keep a plant that is healthy in the spring and summer healthy in the winter. Some bush & shrub choices are more winter hardy. Ask your local nursery or landscape service provider for help choosing if you are unsure.

Arborvitae Trimming Before & After

Hedge Trimming in Rockland County - Picture of tree before trimming